pyOpenSci is looking for pangeo editors and reviewers!

Hi Everyone!

I have been working with @TomAugspurger on a collaboration between pyOpenSci and Pangeo. To support our collaboration with pangeo, we are looking for reviewers and an editor from the pangeo community. If you haven’t heard of pyOpenSci yet, we are an organization that is building diverse community around the open source Python tools that drive open science. Our core program right now is peer review of software. Our goal: create a curated catalog of vetted, maintained, high quality python tools that scientists can use. We also hope to improve the usability and quality of python packages through this review! We partner with JOSS which means that you can submit to us and also be accepted by JOSS via our review (if you are in scope).

If you are interested in being involved, please click below to sign up:

  1. click here if you are interested in serving as an editor for us. We ask for a 1 year commitment here.
  2. click here if you are interested in serving as a reviewer for us!
  3. click here to learn more about pyOpenSci!

Ideally we have someone on our team that can have a look at pangeo packages as they come through review to ensure that these are the tools that Pangeo community wants to elevate!

If you just have questions or want to get involved, please feel free to reach out to me here or ask a question on our discourse forum. I look forward to working with some of y’all.
Leah :slight_smile:


I submitted my name as a potential editor for pyopensci as a response to this call for engagement from the Pangeo side.

I think it is really important to continue to mature the ecosystem the community has been building and I think pyopensci is a great way to achieve that.


@jmunroe awesome!! and thank you :slight_smile: i will followup with you directly!!!