Xclim - First Pangeo package accepted by pyOpenSci

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to highlight that xclim as just accepted by pyOpenSci via our open peer review process! Check out the link if you are interested in seeing what a review looks like in our ecosystem.

I’m not sure if the maintainers are in this discourse but they did a great job working through the process with us.

The next step is that xclim will be fast tracked through the JOSS review process.
What this means is that JOSS accepts our review as theirs. And they only review the paper submitted. So it’s a quick process to be accepted by JOSS once accepted by us!

We look forward to reviewing other pangeo / geo & earth science (and other sciences too) related Python packages. Please reach out if you have any questions!

Leah :slight_smile:


All - i made a mistake. xclim is indeed moving on to JOSS for a fast tracked review! many thanks to everyone who made the review happen including Alex Batisse, @jmunroe and Agustina Pesce and to the amazing xclim maintainers:

Trevor Smith
Travis Logan
and Pascal Bourgault

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