Proposed cookbook: Interactive dashboard for Sentinel-2 satellite imagery

Hi all,

I was able to finish making some adjustments to the code written during the Pythia Hackathon 2023 to ensure that the book builds successfully.

Link to the repository: GitHub - pritamd47/interactive-sentinel-2-cookbook: A quick demo of creating a new cookbook for the Pythia cook-off 2023

This cookbook demonstrates the use of some packages, such as odc.stac, xarray, dask and holoviews to retrieve satellite imagery and create interactive plots using the data. I also make use of the newly proposed method of including a how-to-cite guide using CITATION.cff.



Nice! I just invited you to the ProjectPythia GitHub org. Once the repo is transferred over, we can make any necessary changes and get it in the gallery.

Thank you! I transferred the ownership of the repo to ProjectPythia and also opened an issue (#165) according to the instructions here for adding the cookbook to the gallery.