Project Pythia & Pangeo: Infrastructure Working Group Open Meetings

This post is to announce the first meeting of the Project Pythia Infrastructure Working Group (see this post.)

We will be meeting for the first time on Wednesday, December 9, at 2PM Mountain (4PM Eastern, 1PM Pacific). The meeting will be open to the public, so anyone can attend. Meeting link details will follow soon.

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I was hoping to attend this meeting, but it actually conflicts directly with the weekly Pangeo general telecon, a pretty unfortunately coincidence!

The main points I would have tried to convey is the following:

  • We have put a lot of work into the Pangeo Gallery infrastructure: It is far from perfect and could use a lot of polishing, but perhaps these building blocks can help with whatever infrastructure is needed for Pythia.
  • Jupyter Book is another really great project in this space, maintained by @choldgraf. That could be another great foundation for Pythia infrastructure.
  • These two could actually be combined in interesting ways. For example, we could using binderbot to build a jupyter book in an automated reproducible way in the cloud.
  • If you have resources for infrastructure development in your project, it would be great to see them deployed to support these existing OSS tools in some way.

@rabernat: No. There is no conflict. This meeting is at 2pm mountain, while the general Pangeo telecon is at 1pm mountain. Is that not correct?

Hey all - just a note that it’s pretty easy to build galleries on Jupyter Book (or Sphinx in general) as well!

the jupyter book gallery:

is built with this lightweight script that uses the sphinx-panels sphinx extension:

(I’d link to sphinx-panels but can only use two links!)

also just a note that Jupyter Book is maintained by the executablebooks community, not just me :slight_smile:

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Yes! Thank you both @rabernat and @choldgraf! We are planning on discussing a Sphinx site that uses the sphinx-panels, myst_nb and gallery_generator extensions. (Thank you executablebooks!)

I have assembled an agenda for our first meeting here.

I plan on giving a brief overview of our first sketch of the “Pythia Portal” (which is here). And I have plans on discussing what it should contain in the future and how it should be presented.

Hopefully, I will see you all there at 2pm mountain!

Not correct. I have religiously posted the time of the meeting here every week for the past year (Pangeo Weekly Telecon), and it is reflected in our weekly meeting notes. Today’s meeting is at 4PM EST, 2PM MST. This is also what is shown in the Pangeo google calendar. (Btw, we can add your meetings to this calendar.)

The source of confusion could be the statement on that the meeting is at 8PM GMT. The problem is that GMT does not have daylight savings. So 8PM GMT was correct during the summer but is incorrect during the winter. It doesn’t make sense to change the meeting time half way through the semester when we go into daylight savings (teaching schedules and other constraints remain the same, for example)

In response to this, I have proposed to edit the text on the Pangeo website to remove the chance of any future confusion.

Regardless, I actually can’t make either meeting because of a conflicting preschool pickup! :upside_down_face:

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Ach! @rabernat, I am so sorry! I intentionally tried to avoid the Pangeo weekly meeting times by looking at the Pangeo google calendar. However, I never noticed (until just now) that the Pangeo google calendar is displaying times in the Pacific time zone when I look at them! (And the event I added to my Google calendar was GMT, which had the same error you just described.)

Ugh! I feel bad about that. Ok. We will try to find a different meeting time for future meetings.

This is kind of an aside and a rant at the same time, so I apologize, but I’m frustrated that this happened at all. I added an event on my work Google calendar (during daylight savings time) for the weekly Pangeo calls, and I set the time zone of the (late week calls) event to 8pm UTC. But when DST ended, the time of the events did not shift. I should have notice that, but it just didn’t occur to me. So, sorry about that.

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Really no worries! The daylight savings time issue has been a persistent problem for us.

We are almost at the end of the Fall semester. In January we have a chance to revisit this once folks know their new schedules.

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The link for the meeting is here: (Password: y.nEg+11)

Notes for the meeting are here:

We will need to find another time slot that does not overlap the weekly Pangeo meeting. One solution might be to wait 3 weeks and then start meeting every other week…? However, 3 weeks from now is December 30, and many will be off that week. So, maybe we wait 5 weeks to have our next meeting? Then every other week from there?

I’d love some feedback on what works best.

…Or, I realize, we could meet again in a week and then meet bi-weekly after that.

I agree we should avoid overlap. I am fine meeting next week and bi-weekly after that.

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Meeting again next week, and then bi-weekly from then on, works fine for my schedule!

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