POETS: core pangeo education needs you

The pangeo-data repo education-material has a new folder called learningtracks.

In this folder we outline the core pangeo education material that we feel should be provided by pangeo. It also provides pointers to external resources for what you should know (that pangeo isn’t teaching).

You will notice that the core material is distributed across four roles: A Pangeo engineer, a research group leader, a researcher, and a data publisher.

Three things you can do…

  • Easy: Review the learningtracks page and send feedback / PR
  • Hard: If you have the time and enthusiasm to hack on this material: Awesome! Register your intentions including your intended timeline so we can stay coordinated; and go to it.
  • Helpful: We need to organize our system of references. See for example the table on the main page of Education-Material. Earlier I requested help reviewing and organizing that content and the request is still valid. Providing good annotated pointers is a big service to the community of Pangeo Users; voila sustainability.