Calls To Actions

I’m starting to develop “how you get out and push” elements of Pangeo Education Working Group. Here are two ways to get going…

As you will find on the pangeo edu repo landing page we have a new ‘sign up’ column for reviewers of material. Simply decide to review content, put your name down, and see how far you get. Your review will factor back into our content management… which details we will figure out as we go. Better to just jump in and review something.

There is an (intended anyway) humorous remark under the working group (wg) about Ryan’s proposed book. We’ll consider how to make progress and fill this in further. Two observatons on bookiness: First I’ll recapitulate the pangeo objective is to be open and inclusive; so working from practical examples is a good safe bet; and second we hope to not reinvent wheels (see “Reviewing” above).