Pangeo Showcase: "Zarr-Python 3 and why you should be excited!"

Title: “Zarr-Python 3 and why you should be excited!”
Invited Speaker: Joe Hamman (ORCID:0000-0001-7479-8439)
When: Wednesday May 22, 4PM EDT
Where: Launch Meeting - Zoom
Abstract: Zarr-Python 3 represents a major refactor of what has traditionally been viewed as the canonical implementation of the Zarr. In this presentation, we will explore what we learned from Zarr 2, why a major rewrite was needed, and what’s new in version 3.

  • 20 minutes - Community Showcase
  • 40 minutes - Showcase Discussion/Community Check-ins

For those that would like to learn more about Zarr-Python 3, check out the following resources:

  1. Zarr-Python 3 design doc
  2. Zarr-Python v3 branch on GitHub
  3. Active v3 issues in the Zarr-Python repository
  4. Details about the ongoing refactor and bi-weekly meetings

Really excited to watch the talk. I am sorry I can’t make it today.
If you could comment on how parallelization might be handled in zarr-python3 I would love to learn more. I have hacked a solution into the existing zarr-python stack in chunk_getitems that provides tremendous gains for my specific use case, but I hope there will be a generalized solution in zarr python3.

@emfdavid, no worries, Joe’s Zarr-Python 3 talk is on May 22! Pangeo Showcase — Pangeo documentation

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Was this recorded per chance? I don’t see it at

Scheduled for May22…

@jhamman here is the issue about fault tolerance for codecs.

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