Pangeo Past and Future Blog Post

We recently published a blog post with a summary of Pangeo’s recent activities and a look forward towards some exciting future initiatives. Posting here for reference:


Thanks for this. Have been spreading far and wide as a very useful reference point for both folks inside and outside the Pangeo tent. Rarely are strategic, open efforts like this so well documented.

One minor typo @rabernat that could cause some confusion (esp for Oceanography folks)

by developing a platform for “crowdsourcing” of ARGO data. This project is called Pangeo Forge.

“ARGO” where you mean “ARCO”. If I could PR a medium article I would :grinning:

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The link to Cloud-Performant NetCDF4/HDF5 with Zarr, Fsspec, and Intake | by Richard Signell | pangeo | Medium is broken due to an appended )-bracket in the link

Thanks for the tip–just corrected!