Pangeo Machine Learning Ecosystem 2023 diagram

Spent a whole day working on this diagram of the Pangeo Machine Learning (ML) ecosystem for a talk next week (18 Oct 2023), and I’d like to solicit some feedback from any Pangeo Machine Learning practicioners!

In particular, I’m interested in adding any pubilcly available Pangeo ML educational resources that are missing (top-right of the figure). Also welcome any general feedback, but note that this figure is heavily biased towards stuff that integrates natively with xarray and/or (geo)pandas :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

For anyone interested, this was drawn using Excalidraw. Code/JSON file for the entire figure is at 🎨 Add diagram of Pangeo Machine Learning Ecosystem in 2023 by weiji14 · Pull Request #5 · weiji14/foss4g2023oceania · GitHub if anyone wants to reproduce this, and I’ve includes a link to every SVG/PNG logo in the figure for future reference :slight_smile:



Blog post just published at The Pangeo Machine Learning Ecosystem, which goes into detail on each of the pieces in the Pangeo ML stack!