Pangeo chat (Discord, Slack, Zulip, Element, etc.)?

It looks like there is currently no active place for the pangeo community to communicate in real-time. The Pangeo Gitter channel has been inactive since almost one year.

For the Pangeo sprint on DGGS at BiDS’23 we first reused an existing (non-pangeo) Slack workspace before trying to move to a new Discord server (invite link:

Any interest on that? Should we continue with that Discord server or do you have any thoughts about which service would be best to use?

From what I can tell, Slack might be limited in some aspects (truncated history of conversations for the free plan, no open invitation?), Discord has been recently adopted by other communities (e.g., Scientific Python), Element (Gitter) doesn’t provide the same level of experience than Slack/Discord (in my opinion) and I don’t know much Zulip. But I also know that people usually have strong opinions about those chatting platforms :slight_smile:.

We have been reluctant to create a Slack for years… I now forget the reasons why. I think discord would be a good choice! Unfortunately, that invite link doesn’t work for me. This is what I see when I click it.

here’s a new link, one without restrictions and that doesn’t expire: pangeo

If that still doesn’t work, I’d suspect there’s something wrong with your account (A quick search suggests that this might be some kind of caching issue in your browser. If that’s the case, try opening the invite in a private window, using a different browser, or opening the invite directly in the app)

Edit: I also converted the server to a “community server”, so hopefully this reduces the restrictions. However, this also means that you have to have a verified e-mail address but this should be easy to do.


Thanks @keewis, I updated the top comment with your link.

as mentioned in the meeting just now, as the “owner” I’m currently the only administrator of the discord server. In order to make it as useful as possible (and so nobody has to wait on me to do something), I’d like to share that power and make the server truly a community server.

I believe the most important points to decide on are:

  • what are the rules we want to encourage / enforce on the server. This mostly means the code of conduct, but there are other things like the recommended server name or how strict we want to be with posting in threads. Obviously we will never be able to figure out everything at once, so we’d also need a way to announce changes to those.
  • who are the administrators (which ideally should only be a couple of people)
  • what groups/roles do we want besides moderators?

but I’m probably missing a lot of other things.

Not sure if we should have a meeting for this, or if exchanging directly on discord would be enough (I’ve created a #server-structure channel for this kind of discussion).

What do you think?

Another community just transitioned to Mattermost from Slack. The pricing, even for non-profits has become expensive with a lot of users.

I love slack, but it’s hard to recommend these days besides a smaller team internal tool.

I’m logged into Discord on this browser but get this error?

For anyone running into browser issues like the “unable to accept invite” or “invalid address” from above: it is possible to join a server by

  1. logging into discord (using the app or the website)
  2. clicking on the green + sign in the vertical list of joined servers at the left
  3. selecting “join a server”
  4. pasting the invite link
  5. confirming