Oceanographic Data Programmer/Analyst @ UH Manoa

Hi all, we are looking to fill a position in the UH Currents group at the University of Hawaii. This is a little different from normal Pangeo fare, focusing on developing and supporting data acquisition software (UHDAS) that maps ocean currents around the world via an international fleet of ship mounted ADCPs.

The position is a Python programmer position to help us develop and maintain our Open Source software libraries. It’ll involve diving into the acquisition and processing stacks of software for currents data to fix bugs, extend the software, and working on our websites. A better description and full posting can be found on our website, and I’m certainly happy to answer any questions I can. The position closes February 17, so if you’re interested please apply!

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Hi jgum,
Does this positions requires US citizenship or green card?


No the position doesn’t require either to apply.

Best of luck in your job search!