Kerchunk OceanHackWeek 2022 Project Proposal

Hi Everyone,

I’ve created a project proposal for Ocean Hack Week August 15-19. The focus is on kerchunk, you can read more here:

It would be great to get input from them community and if there is interest in joining please post to the discussion!

Looking back over recent discussions it seems that the datasets could have some broad appeal.


@pbranson, I think this is a great idea!

At the recent ESIP Summer Meeting, @aimeeb and I led an “unconference” session where we went through the ESIP 2022 kerchunk tutorial by @lsterzinger using the ESIP JupyterHub w/Dask Gateway.

The folks who attended the session were engaged and seemed excited about it!


This is great! Thanks for putting this together @pbranson

Thanks @rsignell and @lsterzinger, will checkout your demo!

Wondering if you already have an index of GEFS reforecast? I believe wave model output will soon be available from NOAA also.