New to Pangeo & Request for Contribution Info

Hello everyone,

My name is Justin Reid and I’m a scientific software engineer & federal contractor working on NOAA NESDIS’s NESDIS Common Cloud Framework (NCCF) and I’m posting this here to request information about how to become a contributor to the Pangeo project & it’s associated packages. I’ve been using Python libraries either related to or part of the Pangeo project for a while now so I want to join this community to further my knowledge of libraries/formats like Xarray & Zarr, but also to contribute to the libraries I directly use every day at my job. So any info people might have I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks everyone for your time,

Justin Reid


Welcome Justin!

Individual packages will typically have a contributing guide specific to that project, for example xarray’s:

As for pangeo generally, I’d recommend checking the meetings page for the topics you’re most interested in:



Great! Thanks for the advice & quick response. I’ll definitely check contributing to Xarray out because I’m currently using it on a project I’m working on. Can’t wait to get started.