NASA <> Zarr Survey

We are collecting user stories to help with a funding proposal for Zarr-Python. We will be asking for funding to support maintenance and development work on Zarr-Python as well as coordination work around the v3 spec (extensions, implementation, etc.). In support of this effort, we are conducting a short survey to gather details about the NASA science applications that utilize Zarr.

If you utilize Zarr at a NASA facility, or when using NASA data, please take ~3 minutes to fill out this survey.

A few details on the proposal we are working on:

  • Proposal summary: This proposal will fund the maintenance and development of Zarr-Python, with a specific focus on developing core features and extensions enabled by the v3 specification.
  • Funding organization: NASA (RFP)
  • Notice of Intent: Zarr - NASA F.7 LOI.pdf

Will the survey results be public?

We can definitely share the summary. We didn’t tell people in the survey that we would share their answers publicly so I we’ll have to be careful there but quantitative results should be fine to share.