ML Engineer and Front-End/Full-Stack Developer @ Intersphere

Hello, folks!

Intersphere recently raised a $1 million pre-seed investment from the National Science Foundation, and we’re looking to hire. These positions will start May 15, optionally later.

Our website:

A bit of an intro

You’ll be the first hires working on scaling a forecast system developed for two-week to two-year forecast horizons (subseasonal to multi-year). Myself and one other person developed this forecast system over the past two years.

We are focused on the energy markets for our first customers (beachhead in business lingo), with interests in general commodities and the parametric insurance markets.

Who we need

We need one person to lead development of the front-end user experience. This role also needs some back-end experience, because the web app needs to be hosted on GCP/AWS.

We need another person who wants to improve our forecasts using machine learning or other statistical methods. We aren’t method-specific, although it is likely that this role will require some knowledge and practical experience in deep learning.

The jobs

The job listings are posted here:

You can of course contact me directly at ben.toms (at) Please do send me a direct e-mail if you are interested, because the public job boards can get flooded with applicants.