May 19, 2021: Accessing Sea Surface Temperature Data on the Cloud

Pangeo Showcase talk by Chelle Gentemann, Farallon Institute


Dr. Chelle Gentemann is a passionate advocate for open science, open source software, and inclusivity. She is a globally recognized expert physical oceanographer focused on remote sensing and has worked for over 25 years on measuring ocean temperature from space. Her research was recognized by the American Geophysical Union with the Charles Falkenberg award and more recently she co-chaired a National Academy of Sciences Report on Open Source Software Policy Options for NASA.


Sea Surface Temperatures (SST) are vital to coastal and marine spatial planning, global weather prediction, climate change studies, search and rescue, and ecosystem based management. Access has traditionally been through archive centers, where the large size of some SST datasets has been a barrier to their download and use. Cloud based SST data provide an opportunity for data-proximate computing, where exploration and research can occur more rapidly. A Jupyter notebook demonstrating access and some basic analyses will be presented in this talk. Click here to view the Jupyter notebook.

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