Making an Elevation GeoTIFF from ATL03 data

I want to extract ICESAT2 elevation data (was using ATL03) into a GeoTIFF raster for use in QGIS. I downloaded data from my region and extracted the data in gt1l/heights/h_ph. I used lat_ph and lon_ph for my x and y coordinates. I was more or less left with a 2d line with deviation laterally of ~70cm. Is there a way I can download gridded data or is the best I can do download every track from the h5 file and any other files that were also downloaded as part of my search in my region?

ATL03 is not a gridded data product (it contains point measurements along altimeter tracks as you’ve observed in your plot). So an option for saving a subset for use in GIS would be a vector format like GeoJSON, GeoPackage, GeoParquet, rather than a gridded format like GeoTIFF.

But perhaps first have a review of the many ICESat-2 standard products & you’ll see that many are already gridded and might work for you Data Products | ICESat-2

The icepyx discussion forum is a great place for ICESat-2 specific questions, looks like you’ve already found it! Making an Elevation GeoTIFF from ICESAT Data · icesat2py/icepyx · Discussion #483 · GitHub

Thanks for your reply!

I’ve had a look at the data products - it seems the one I want is ATL18 but appears it has been removed?