The ATL03 data downloaded by icepyx contained no photon heights data

The icepyx is a great and convenient package to download the data. However, I met some mistake in downloading the ATL03 data. I chose a certain spatial extent and date range.


bounding box

short_name = ‘ATL03’
spatial_extent = [129.034162,35.048268,129.121820,35.121367]
date_range = [‘2018-10-13’,‘2019-01-03’]

region_a = ipx.Query(short_name, spatial_extent,date_range)

But the download file (named “processed_ATL03_20181111052956_06660102_005_01”) has no photon height data in group gtx. The file size is also much smaller than download directly from the website (56.9MB vs 3.27GB). I wonder if I made some stupid mistake and forget to set some important parameters or this error was caused by other reasons.

The code environment is Anaconda(Spyder) Python 3.7.6 icepyx 0.6.3