LLC4320 depth layer data at Pangeo Cloud

Hi, everyone
I did not find the 89 levels under sea surface of LLC4320 data on Cloud. But they are archived in the ECCO. Dose the Pangeo Cloud only host the surface data ( SSH,SSS,SST, and UV)?
If so, is it possible to add the huge LLC4320 depth layer data on the Cloud?

And I have another question, the SSH data are only end at 2017. So is there any plan to update the SSH data on Cloud?




Did you check MITgcm Global LLC4320 Simulations?

I think all these datasets and catalog are still prototypes, I’m not sure if there are other places or updated versions of them.

There are currently no plans to host the full-depth simulations on Google Cloud Storage. It’s 90x the amount of data. We are working on finding a way to host it in Open Storage Network.

Hi, @geynard

Thanks for your reply.

I have checked that. Only surface data of LLC4320 were hosted on the Google Cloud. The whole data set have 90 layers and the data volume maybe at PB level (2.5 PB).

It is really challenge to upload all the LLC4320 data. The surface data are also useful for many oceanography researches.

If someone do need the other layers data, the llcreader could be used to load these data from ECCO with pretty slow speed.

Thanks, @rabernat

Pangeo is still a novel and powerful platform for me. Many thanks to you.

I know that LLC4320 data set are too huge to host them all. But, do you have plan to update satellite altimetry grid data? They are small and more widely used in the Oceanography.

The sea level rise research depend heavily on such data set. It could be very nice to see the updated SSH time series to recent years.

The old data catalog is unmaintainable. All our future plans for data revolve around Pangeo Forge.