How can I download sea surface salinity data from ECCO LLC4320?

Hi! I am trying to plot some halocline profiles using the salinity data from ECCO LLC4320. My goal is to plot this kind of profile in different regions in the Arctic Ocean.

Can anyone please tell me where I can locate the Arctic grid from the LLC4320 data set?

Hi @Ashfaq_Ahmed - welcome to this forum!

The LLC4320 data set is available on the pangeo catalog (here, browse the master catalog here, but unfortunately only the surface data has been uploaded so far. I know that moving the rest of the data into the cloud is being worked on (by @cspencerjones and possibly others), but not sure of the timeline for that.

The dataset is divided into “faces” corresponding to a lat-lon-cap topology, and some of those faces should cover the Arctic region.

(Image of lat-lon-cap domain from NASA PODAAC)