International Scalable Computing Challenge

I just learned about the IEEE International Scalable Computing Challenge from twitter:

The IEEE International Scalable Computing Challenge (SCALE) is sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society’s Technical Committee on Scalable Computing (TCSC). The objective of the SCALE Challenge is to highlight and showcase real-world problem solving using computing that scales. Effective solutions to many scientific and engineering problems require applications that can scale. There are different dimensions to such scalability. For example, applications can scale-up to a large number of cores on a compute unit, scale-out to utilize multiple distinct compute units, exhibit elastic scaling on-demand, based on current need, and/or scale with the data size or rates. The result may be an application that can solve a larger problem, increase throughput, reduce execution time, and/or adapt to dynamic situations. In order to scale, applications need to be supported by algorithms, tools, middleware, software platforms, programming frameworks, computing cyberinfrastructure, etc. The applications may be data or compute intensive. The computing infrastructure may span HPC, accelerators and commodity clusters, or cloud and edge computing. The SCALE Challenge is concerned with novel advances in such enabling technology that facilitate practical applications that scale.

It would be great to get a Pangeo submission to this! Is there anyone who is game to lead a submission?

More info and application:

According to twitter, the correct deadline is Feb 10.