Dask jobs at Coiled

Hi Everyone!

Coiled, a Dask company, is expanding.

We have a few positions listed at https://coiled.io/jobs/ including

  • Dask/OSS engineer
  • Web developer / cloud ops engineer
  • Data Science Evangelist
  • Engineering Intern

We’re considering both senior folks and people who are relatively new in their career. We’re a fully remote company, and happy to contract with people regardless of geographical location.

If folks think that they might be a good fit for the company but don’t see a role that fits them exactly then please feel free to reach out to me directly at mrocklin@coiled.io



One pertinent question for folks in the academic space: you mention contracting with people regardless of geographical location. But can you sponsor a work visa (e.g. H1B) for foreigners who want to stay in the US? In academia we have lots of Ph.D. students / postdocs who are already here for whom this is a very important question.

Ah, a great question.

My answer is “I don’t know, we haven’t done this before” which probably means that “no, you shouldn’t trust us to get this right”. I’m more than happy to do work to support folks who want to stay in the US, but I’m guessing that this is beyond our administrative abilities right now. Folks here probably know a lot more about this process than I do. If all we have to do is sign things and pay money then I’m down. I’m guessing it’s more complicated though :confused:

All I really know is that it’s extremely complicated, expensive, and requires lots of lawyers. :sob: I’m very thankful that our universities handle this for us.

Yeah, to be fair Coiled also has lots of expensive lawyers, but they’re mostly of a different kind :slight_smile:

Applicants should trust Coiled to connect them to interesting work, but not necessarily navigate US Immigration policy.

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