Distributed Processing Specialist at CNES, France

Hi all,

If there are some french speaking people interested, a position is open in my team at CNES (French Space Agency). Our role is to provide a computing platform to more than 1,000 users, and to give them distributed computing expertise and ultimately optimize their code. We’ve deployed a Pangeo platform (a Jupyterhub with a Pangeo conda environment), and more an more peoople here are starting using Dask and Xarray, so we need some skill in this area!

Please contact me if you’re interested, I’ll sent you the official offer in french.


When you will consider accepting someone that’s not french speaking at the moment please let me know. About my self, I’m an Italian consultant working @ European JRC I’m looking for a new challenging place where I can reuse my knowledge over xarray dask distributed etc etc…