CZI & Sloan RFI: Pathways to AI-enabled research

The Open Science program at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Technology Program are requesting community input about existing applications of AI to transform scientific work that are consistent with open research practices. They are interested in learning about tangible tools and applications for AI-enabled research practices.

This Request for Information (RFI) aims to identify existing tools that harness AI to:

  • increase reproducibility and transparency in the research process
  • offset the cost inherent in participating in open research practices, or more generally increase the productivity of scientists
  • facilitate the re-use of resources, thereby enhancing the efficiency of research practices
  • expand access and reduce barriers to participation in research, particularly for members of underrepresented communities, thereby increasing the diversity and inclusion of participating researchers

They are interested in learning about tangible tools and applications for AI-enabled research practices, with an eye toward principles of open science.

Submissions are due by May 30, 2024 at 17:00 Pacific Time. The RFI form requests the following information:

  • Title of submission
  • Contact information about the submitter (name, email, affiliation)
  • Describe the AI-enabled tool or application (200 words maximum)
  • What is the value proposition and/or potential outcomes of your AI-enabled tool for facilitating the scientific process? (200 words maximum)
  • How will the tool support open science and/or expand access to the scientific process? (200 words maximum)
  • (optional) How does the tool mitigate harmful uses or risks associated with the technology? (200 words maximum)
  • (optional) Progress made to date (200 words maximum)
  • (optional) Additional links to relevant materials
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Note that this is just a Request for Information (RFI), and not a funding proposal. But it would be good to collaborate on something to submit as a community!

Some ideas on what we could submit around Pangeo ML tooling:

Tagging a few people who might be interested - @maxrjones, @Negin_Sobhani, @dcherian, @jhamman.