Creating a Database of Open Sustainable Technology Projects

Hey Pangeo community,

we are creating a database to gather open, active, professional and sustainable technology projects worldwide. After 4 months of full-time research by two engineers, we have reached the point where new projects are more difficult to find. Most of the projects are still identified by manual internet research even though we are now supported by some data mining experts. Therefore we are looking for hints, feedback and participation of different communities worldwide in the domain of open sustainable technology:

Many universities and institutes run public Gitlabs platforms for hosting open projects. In general, I can absolutely support this, but there is no search engine that is able to index these repositories.

Our goal is to strengthen the cooperation in the area of open sustainable technology with the help of this database. Our open source community protontypes will start supporting projects on this list through marketing, consulting, technical and financial assistance when our research is done.

Your feedback and participation is highly appreciated. We also have a weekly and public meeting to maintain this list:

The next session is at 8.12 10:00 AM CET at:

Kind regards
Tobias Augspurger

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