🏆 Congratulations to Jessica - Geospatial World 50 Rising Stars award

Huge congrats to @JessicaS11 for this award! :star: :star: :star: We love to see Pangeo contributors recognized for their work on open science! :raised_hands:

Jessica is an accomplished scholar in cryospheric science. Her scholarly research has employed remote sensing (Landsat, ICESat-2) together with machine learning to detect icebergs and characterize changes in calving rates in Greenland Fjords. Her results have shown a measurable change in the distribution of iceberg sizes. These results have implications for understanding the response of ice sheets to our warming climate.

Working with remote sensing data, particularly non-imagery data such as the LIDAR instrument on ICESat-2, is a major technical challenge. Jessica leads the icepyx effort: an open source software library and a community composed of ICESat-2 data producers, users, developers, and the scientific community. icepyx software provides a shared library of resources that simplify the process of querying, obtaining, analyzing, and manipulating ICESat-2 datasets to enable scientific discovery. In addition to her pioneering software development efforts, Jessica is an organizer and leader within the ICESat-2 community, leading regular collaborative development meetings and organizing the ICESat-2 Hackweeks. These efforts have impacted hundreds of scientists.