Contribute to the icepyx AGU abstract!

Hello all! I’m putting together an icepyx abstract for AGU and would love for some fellow-contributor co-authorship and contributions.

After some conversation at yesterday’s icepyx meeting with @weiji14, I’ve given a rough first draft a go, but would love to have more voices and ideas represented (the objectives of the presentation are not yet firm). I’m planning to submit to C012 - Community tools and products for cryosphere discovery and application in line with the upcoming 2022 Hackweek which will focus mostly (but not exclusively) on cryospheric science.

Please take a moment to review and/or contribute to the draft abstract (let me know if you need edit permission) or share your thoughts here. @tsutterley @icetianli @kelseybisson


Cool, thanks for starting the draft abstract @JessicaS11! To differentiate from previous years (as we discussed), it’ll definitely be good to include more stuff from the icepyx community (e.g. hackweek projects, publications, etc) and parts of the ‘roadmap’ at icepyx Development Plan — icepyx documentation currently in ‘active’ development. I’ve made a few minor suggestions on your abstract, and wrote up a plain language section too, looking forward to see what ideas others come up with :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hello Icepyx team! I just wanted to share the “toy workflow” we created for the Jupyter Meets the Earth project here as it uses Icepyx to access the ICESat-2 data. This workflow was firstly presented at the 2021 EarthCube annual meeting. Maybe it will be useful for the Icepyx AGU presentation too. I am happy to answer any questions you might have about this work!

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Thanks for sharing this workflow, @whyjz! It looks like a great, thorough workflow from data discovery to final figures. Would you be interested in adding it to the icepyx docs page (we can talk about the best way to do this, since we don’t yet have a gallery fully set up, and your example is more detailed than a single Jupyter Notebook anyway)?

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@JessicaS11 that would be great! We can also discuss the content to be put there and we can adjust anything if needed. Maybe I can hop into the next icepyx meeting for the follow-ups?

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@whyjz That sounds great! Our next meeting is on Tuesday 10 August at 12pm Eastern. Meeting info.