Competition announcement: `s2s-ai-challenge`

  • Are you well-versed in AI/ML and/or forecasting?
  • WMO/WWRP, WCRP, organize a prize competition with 15K CHF for the winning team
  • Goal: Improve bi-weekly subseasonal-to-seasonal predictions with AI/ML (or try to prove that AI is not needed with other methods)

More info:

Users will likely use xarray and dask. What other software I think could be relevant:

My role is to organize the competition from a technical point of view. We collaborate with ECMWF to provide S2S output on their S3 cloud and for evaluation. Moreover, we provide example notebooks, which can be run on, which is git repositories conntected to jupyterhub. Examples still work in progress…

I got this position via the pangeo forum, thanks @chiaral for sharing WWRP/WCRP S2S AI competition - looking for IT expert in python, git and Jupyter notebooks


So exciting! Thanks for sharing!