Coastal modeler and developer with NOAA/NOS Office of Coast Survey

The Coast Survey Development Lab (CSDL) in NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey (OCS) manages development of and improvement of charting, hydrographic, and oceanographic systems used by OCS and other NOS offices. The Coastal Marine Modeling Branch in CSDL develops the storm surge models and operational forecast systems used to perform coastal risk assessments and predict coastal flooding and vulnerability.

These positions will support CSDL’s projects to research and develop modeling techniques and infrastructure, test and run numerical models on HPCs and in AWS cloud systems, and work on software to post-process and analyze output.

Why apply:
You’re interested in working in a small, highly collaborative team environment, using Agile/DevOps in a hybrid space between software development and coastal ocean scientific research.

Salary Range:
$78,000 - $122,000

NOAA Facilities in Silver Spring, Maryland. Remote is an option.

Apply directly at ADP, or contact with questions.

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