Cloud Computing for Space Sciences Workshop

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Abstract submission instructions

Abstract submission deadline: Oct 31 2020 11:59PM UTC-0 extended to Nov 10 2020 11:59 UTC-0

Workshop Date: Tuesday 2 February 2021

As space becomes increasingly accessible due to the burgeoning global space industry, the volume of data produced by space research missions is expected to continue rising exponentially. Opportunities for accelerating scientific discovery come with challenges in scaling traditional scientific processing workflows. A possible model for addressing such needs is the adoption of cloud compute technologies and open source software. At the same time, the deployment of cloud compute technologies can allow researchers to address calls for scientific reproducibility.

This COSPAR 2021 cross-disciplinary workshop will include tutorials and case studies addressing the following questions:

  • What cloud compute offerings are available for space researchers to develop workflows?
  • How can we use open source software and cloud compute to massively scale scientific data processing?
  • How can scientists equip ourselves with the skills to take advantage of these technologies?
  • How can cloud compute and web technologies be used to engage the public in citizen science, and for enhancing STEAM* education?

The workshop will feature invited talks, contributed talks, and tutorials. For abstract submission, click here.

*Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM)

NB: In light of the advice from the Australian Federal Government and with the current travel bans and need to safeguard our space research community at large, COSPAR 2021 will continue as planned, but with the addition of a major online component enabling the Assembly to become a hybrid in-person / virtual event.