Cartopy for offline

Hi everyone!

Does anyone knows how to use Cartopy with offline data? I’m intending to use this package ( Cartopy Offlinedata :: ) to supply the data, but no clue on how to access it later once installed. I’m an HPC user.

From taking a peek at the implementation (cartopy_offlinedata-feedstock/ at main · conda-forge/cartopy_offlinedata-feedstock · GitHub) it seems like you don’t need to do anything special. The cartopy_offline data package will set the config to point to the populated data directory.

I just did a little test locally and it worked as expected without any modifications. I double checked by inspecting the cartopy.config settings:

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Hi @jsignell ! Yes, it worked like this for me. However, I took an advice from one of the maintainers of the conda-forge repo, regarding the install which I will leave it here just for future reference: How to use it? · Issue #16 · conda-forge/cartopy_offlinedata-feedstock · GitHub . Thanks for the help!