5 x 3-year post-docs/engineers, Environment + AI, BAS, Cambridge, UK

The British Antarctic Survey’s Artificial Intelligence Lab is looking to hire three machine learning engineers/researchers and two IT engineers. Initial focus will be to develop and deploy ML and computer vision methods to tackle some specific science challenges selected from the interdisciplinary environmental activities of the British Antarctic Survey (Our research - British Antarctic Survey). In addition, the successful candidates will join the AI Lab’s ongoing activities, working as part of a team, to create a framework to underpin AI-based and physics-informed Digital Twins of the natural environment. The three successful candidates will work in close collaboration with our partner organisations, including: The Alan Turing Institute; international research institutes; our University network; and our two Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs) in Earth Observation and AI for Environmental Risk. Candidates will have experience working in machine learning and/or data science. Areas which could be developed include:

  • Computer vision, e.g., for monitoring wildlife within satellite imagery
  • Deep learning and interpretability methods for improving scientific understanding
  • Probabilistic time series modelling for forecasting environmental change
  • Uncertainty quantification through Bayesian statistical methods

You can see more information here:

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Welcome Scott and thanks for posting this exciting opportunity!