Zarr-Browser: Browse your Zarr archives via Web

Today I want so show you a tiny app I have created to visualize multiple Zarr archives within a directory tree via the Browser.

Few weeks ago I have connected my remote server with multiple zarr archives to my local file system and from that point i was able to navigate through the directories of Zarr archives. This was the starting point for me to think about how it could be more “fancy” to inspect Zarr archives.

It is just a small MVP that helps to navigate through the Zarr archives and get to know more about what’s inside by showing the xarray.Dataset html representation as well as the one from dask for the array shape. It lists detailed information about the chunks and the size of the chunks. With Zarr-Browser I am now able to better monitor my Data.

Feel free to test it on your dataset:

I am really looking forward to feedback and contributions.