October 27, 2021: A new toolkit for visualizing Zarr data in web maps


Pangeo Showcase talk by Kata Martin, Joe Hamman, and Jeremy Freeman, CarbonPlan


Kata Martin is a software engineer working on web tools at CarbonPlan, a non-profit organization that works to improve the transparency and scientific integrity of carbon removal and climate solutions through open data and tools.


There are many tools available for rendering geospatial data in web maps, but scientific use cases like mapping multi-dimensional climate data push existing tools to their limits. Our new open-source library supports loading numerical, multi-dimensional raster data stored in the Zarr format and directly rendering data tiles in the browser using WebGL. This approach supports rendering data with arbitrary dimensions and provides a lightweight interface to configure the rendering of that data, including the ability to perform calculations to combine data across dimensions. In this talk, we present an explanation of how this library integrates with Zarr data, some sample use cases, and next steps for the library.

Live slides and demos can be viewed here.


This is incredibly cool; I can’t wait to try it out in some web maps I’ve been noodling on. Could it be used with MapLibre?

Great work!

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