Xarray extensions for map plotting

I thought I’d share here two projects I’m working on. They are xarray extensions that offer tiled map plotting capabilities. By using (Leaflet or deck.gl) tiles in the frond-end and (xarray) chunks in the back-end, they are especially good at visualizing big data, possibly stored in the cloud.

  • xarray-leaflet: 2D map plotting based on ipyleaflet (and thus LeafletJS). Supports custom projections. Data can be transformed through a pipeline, possibly using Dask’s lazy evaluation system.
  • xtrude: 3D terrain visualization based on pydeck (and thus deck.gl), from an elevation array. A surface texture can also be overlaid on the 3D mesh.

Both projects are in an early stage of development (especially xtrude), but could be of great value to the Pangeo community.
xarray-leaflet was presented at JupyterCon 2020 (video here).


Fantastic, thanks for sharing! These would integrate very nicely with an interactive viewer for cloud-based data.

BTW Ryan, when I look at LLC4320 Bot’s vorticy plot, I think it might render well in ipyleaflet’s velocity layer.

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PR welcome! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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