Will GCP pricing changes affect pangeo users?

Google Cloud announced some pricing changes, taking effect from Oct 1 2022: Announcement of upcoming pricing changes for Cloud Storage  |  Google Cloud.

Particular one of interest to me is:

  • Reading data in a Cloud Storage bucket located in a multi-region from a Google Cloud service located in a region on the same continent will no longer be free; instead, such moves will be priced the same as general data moves between different locations on the same continent. Note that egress to Cloud CDN is already charged and is not changing.

Questions are:

  1. How does this affect dask users pulling in data from GCP buckets? Are we generally not using multi-region buckets?
  2. Is this in line with other cloud providers in use (AWS, Azure?)? Or does this put GCP at a disadvantage for doing pangeo style work?

Another two potential changes that could affect us:

  • Default replication pricing in the us , nam4 , eu , and eur4 locations will increase from $0.00 per GB to $0.02 per GB.
  • Standard Storage at-rest storage pricing in the nam4 and eur4 dual-regions will increase from $0.0360 per GB per month to $0.0440 per GB per month.
    (and other dual region changes)

I think if none of our data is in multi or dual region buckets, this won’t affect us in any way.

Thanks for flagging this. I can confirm that none of our GCP data is in multi-region buckets.