CMIP 6 Google Cloud Storage Region


Would someone be able to help me figure out which region the CMIP6 data are stored in? It’s not mentioned in the dataset description on Google Cloud: Google Cloud console. I also don’t have the right permissions to pull the region from the bucket.

(Apologies if this is already documented somewhere, I looked through the Pangeo examples, but didn’t see any mention of the bucket location).


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Hi @scharlottej13 I believe we are in US-CENTRAL1. I can double check this in the next days if that helps (I tried to get the region of the bucket via gsutil ls -Lb gs://cmip6 but run into a permission error). I do not think that this is documented somewhere, but we should definitely add that somewhere.

Thanks @jbusecke! If you (or someone else) is able to confirm, that would be great. Yeah, gsutil ls -Lb gs://cmip6 is what I tried as well and hit a permissions error.

I’d be happy to open a PR (perhaps to the readme in GitHub - pangeo-data/pangeo-datastore: Pangeo Cloud Datastore) to document this too if that’s helpful.

I also hit the same permission errors. @jbusecke were you able to double check?

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Still waiting for a reply…

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