What's next for Kerchunk

Title: “What’s next for Kerchunk?”
Invited Speaker: Martin Durant, Anaconda (ORCID ID: 0009-0007-2516-6831)
When: Wednesday Feb 14th 4PM EST
Where: Launch Meeting - Zoom
Kerchunk is a Python package for generating references for fsspec referenceFileSystems, allowing scientific format files to be accessed as a virtual Zarr format dataset using the Zarr libary. This allows collections of existing files such as NetCDF3, NetCDF4, HDF5, GeoTIFF, FITS, GRIB2 to be read efficiently and conveniently as a single Zarr dataset.

This talk will review benefits of some relatively new features of Kerchunk, such as creating references in Parquet format and appending to existing references. The talk will hopefully generate helpful ideas for guiding future development of Kerchunk, picking up from this Kerchunk discussion topic.

  • 20 minutes - Community Showcase
  • 40 minutes - Showcase discussion/Community check-ins

Wednesday Feb 14th 4PM EDT. Or EST ?

Grrr… EST, now corrected above. Thanks @Yves_Moisan !

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Is there a recording of the talk ? I am sorry I missed to join.


Recording link added above! Sorry for the delay!
Also added to the Pangeo Showcase playlist on YouTube!
Thanks @mgrover1 for the recording!