Wednesday May 10th: Open-source and reproducibility workflow within the Consortium for Ocean-Sea Ice Modelling in Australia (COSIMA)


Pangeo Showcase Talk by Navid Constantinou at Australian National University
Physical oceanographer and ocean modeler. Currently a research fellow in the Australian National University. I’m a core member of the COSIMA community of ocean-sea ice modelers in Australia and I am also part of the ocean dynamical core development team of the Climate Modeling Alliance Earth Systems Model. I enjoy open-source code development in GitHub and being part of the community that emerges. In Github I go with the handle @navidcy.
I will introduce and welcome you to the COSIMA community. I will discuss how we go about open-source practices, sharing code, and our workflow in general for analyzing global ocean-sea ices model output in Australia. I’ll showcase some of the analysis examples that we put together in GitHub - COSIMA/cosima-recipes: Example recipes for analyzing model output using the cosima-cookbook infrastructure and how these have evolved.

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