Two more openings at Oracle for Research

We are expanding fast at Oracle for Research and have two other job openings - either of which would be excellently suited for anyone with an analytical background who is considering a move away from academia into industry. These roles would let you keep a foot in both camps.

Opportunity one is US-based. Anywhere is fine, we are a fully remote team.
Principal Product Manager to work on open data projects, outreach, product development

Opportunity two is in JAPAC. Most of the team are in Australia, but NZ, Singapore, India, Japan, Korea, etc. would work too.
This is for a research advocate and would be well-suited to a recent PhD graduate looking for an alternative to a postdoc.

Iā€™m happy to answer any questions about either role. And if you are attending AGU please find me and I can talk to you about our program and the openings.

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