Software developers and trainers working with the HoloViz team (Germany/UK/USA/Canada)

My Custom Services group at Anaconda, Inc. is hiring! See Job Application for Software Engineer - Services at Anaconda

Anaconda is a proud member of Pangeo and ESIP, working on multiple NASA-funded and other climate-science projects. Our team focuses on Python code for multidimensional data visualization (see and the projects linked from it), data access, reproducibility, and generally on making large-scale data analytics accessible to all. Most of the work we do is open source, and the rest is about leveraging open source.

We’re hiring for multiple roles on the team, so please apply (and mention Pangeo!) even if you don’t fully overlap with this specific applicant description, if you want to work in this area. Other characteristics not listed that aren’t required but will make you stand out include experience working with the US government, experience with Pangeo approaches and tools, and prior OSS contributions.

All positions are remote, but for full-time employment you need to reside in Germany, USA, Canada, or the UK. Other countries could be considered for contract employment, but we are hoping to find full-time, full staff members. Please reach out to me at if you have any questions or want to talk about these roles.

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We also have a summer internship position open now, focusing on people with backgrounds underrepresented in technical roles: Job Application for Intern- Software Engineer at Anaconda

Please apply or encourage any bright students you know to apply, especially if they are within 1.5 years of graduating and want to know what industry jobs can be like!