RRoCCET21 – A virtual conference about research running on the cloud

Hey y’all! just want to let you know that the CloudBank initiative is sponsoring a virtual conference this august centered around researchers using the cloud for their work, featuring a presentation from Pangeo Forge’s very own Charles Stern! Here are the deets, if you’re interested in registering (or spreading the message :slightly_smiling_face:) —

Introducing RRoCCET21 :rocket: , a virtual conference August 10th through 12th for researchers who are interested in exploring the use of cloud computing. The program is designed to be an accessible platform for researchers to discuss how their work utilizes cloud computing, and to focus on existing case studies with inspiring cloud computing implementation plans. Learn more: https://na.eventscloud.com/RRoCCET21/


Thanks for posting, @NLAlterman. I encourage anyone interested in migrating from download-based workflows to cloud-native Zarr workflows to attend. (Spoiler alert: analyzing Zarr stores on the cloud is a lot faster than downloading your data.) :tada:

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