Research software engineer position for cloud-based sonar data processing at UW

Hi everyone! We are looking for a highly motivated and independent individual to join the Echospace group at the University of Washington as a research software engineer. The engineer’s primary responsibility is to develop computational and data workflows to enable efficient, open, cloud-native processing and exploration of ocean sonar data and the associated biological and environmental data. The engineer will support ongoing research projects in the group that focus on extracting biological information from the ever-growing Big Acoustic Data. This work will encompass several interconnected elements: optimizing computational operations for distributed computing, building a scalable cloud cyberinfrastructure, developing open-source software to perform specific data processing and analysis tasks, and providing tools to generate and interact with data that comply with a prescribed set of interoperable community standards. Python programming experience is required.

For more info, see: Research software engineer position for cloud-based ocean sonar data processing | Echospace @ UW


Welcome fo the forum, and thanks for sharing this exciting opportunity!

Thank you! Wonderful resources – not sure why it took me so long!!

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