Postdoctoral Fellow in Ocean/Fisheries Acoustic and Machine Learning

We are looking for a highly motivated early-career scientist to join the Echospace group at the University of Washington to conduct research at the intersection of fisheries/ocean acoustics and machine learning. The postdoc will develop computational methods to extract information from large volumes of ocean acoustic data. The initial project will focus on automatic identification of fish and zooplankton in echosounder data collected by ships, with expansions to integrate additional active/passive acoustic and environmental data streams from collocated moorings in the highly productive northern California Current System. The project is in close collaboration with the NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center. The successful candidate will have a wide range of opportunities to develop new projects, build integrated skills across physics-based models, data-driven methods, and cloud computing, and interact with the vibrant ocean sciences and data science communities at UW and in Seattle.

For more information and application see here. Feel free to reach out with any questions.