Regridding of unstructured data (climate model)

I work with climate models from CMIP6 and I have to interpolate/re-grid them. The problem is that the data are unstructured in the shape of: msftmz(time, basin, latitude, level). I was able to interpolate the level (depth) using CDO, however for the latitude this way is not possible. I have also tried to work with scipy and CDK.Tree from scipy but it also did not work.

I have a specific model (target), which has regular latitude values, and I need to find a way to make all other models (sources) have the same latitude values. Could someone help me with an idea/advice on how I can accomplish this complicated regridding task?

The screenshot contains information about one of the models.

I tried xesmf on unstructured output, see unstructured grids · Issue #115 · pangeo-data/xESMF · GitHub however the spatial dimension were ncells