Recommended Master's degrees program around Big geospatial data & Others

I’m a Natural renewable resources engineer, with experience around cloud computing and earth data analysis. Right now I only have a bachelors degree, and recently I’ve been thinking more and more about doing a Master’s. The thing is, for what I’ve seen most of the jobs around the topic of big earth require at least a master’s. Also, most jobs for big data geospatial analysis are outside my home country, usually in Europe or USA. I’ve done a boot camp around data science, but the topic of big data is usually not covered with modern tools like dask, or topic specific like stac, intake, etc. And even though I love the topic, I find it very difficult to practice and learn without spending some serious time.

I propose starting a discussion about Master’s programs relevant to the Pangeo community. A thread for sharing experiences and opinions on postgraduate education in our field could be invaluable.

Two programs that have caught my attention are the Geo-Informatics Master’s at the University of Münster (link) and the MSc in Geo-Information Science at Wageningen University (link).

What are your thoughts or experiences with these or similar programs?

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If you have questions about the Münster program, I’d be happy to set up a zoom call - drop me an email.