Quick guide to getting your migration data

Hi folks,

Like many of you my data was tarballed up in the migration and I received a google cloud storage link to get it back. It took me a while to figure out how to actually access this, and the help docs weren’t so helpful. So I thought I’d post a brief how to for others in the same boat. No doubt there are better ways to do this as I have all of 3 hours experience with GCS. Please show us how to do it better if you know.

  1. Get yourself a google cloud storage account. https://cloud.google.com/storage They’re free for a year, so no money needed up front.
  2. Go to your storage console https://console.cloud.google.com/storage/ and create a new storage bucket. I just used the default options, but no doubt you can customise to your needs.
  3. Back in the console, activate your cloud shell (little console cursor button in the top right next to your user profile pic) .
  4. in console type: “gsutil cp gs://pangeo-homedir-backup/ocean.pangeo.io/your_tarball_name.tar.gz gs://your_bucket_name”
  5. Watch as gigs of data goodness get sent to you.
  6. When done open your bucket in the main platform window, click the three vertical dots on the right hand side of your tar.gz file that should be the only content of the bucket and select download.
  7. You can then upload it back into your migrated pangeo home dir and unzip.
    7a. Alternatively setup your cloud storage as your datastore for pangeo if needed as here: http://pangeo.io/cloud.html#writing-data

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for sharing this @AndMei!

I would like to note that you don’t actually have to create your own bucket. You can just directly download the tarball by running this command on your own computer:

gsutil cp gs://pangeo-homedir-backup/ocean.pangeo.io/your_tarball_name.tar.gz .

You just need to install gsutil locally and sign in.