Proposal: use #Education category for Project Pythia engagement & support

For those who may not know, Project Pythia is the official project arising from “Pangeo Education Working Group” efforts, and we have a few mild contact & communication headaches. To ease those headaches, we propose consolidating a few of our email- and GitHub Discussion-based contact pipelines here formally onto the Pangeo Discourse. Within this established Pangeo space, this would be our primary asynchronous home to point people to for making connection, leaving feedback, offering up new educational content, asking questions, and engaging community members.

The folks present at this week’s Pythia and Pangeo weekly calls were in favor, here I am to nudge this forward! Some potential options we discussed:

Option 1: adopt the existing #Education category as-is

with some cleaning up to mention Pythia in the category description and pinned topic.
This category already exists and is lightly-trafficked, and it could be a smooth existing entry point for educational efforts, whether people already know of Pythia proper or not. With this option, we’d like to update the category description and pinned topics to tie it to Pythia.

Option 2: rename the existing #Education category to #Project Pythia

with some extra description so that passers-by have any idea that “Pythia” here means “education”.
If the Pythia name should come first-and-foremost in this space.

Option 3: create a new #Project Pythia category

potentially as a sub-category within #Education.
This leaves room to highlight the differences between Pythia proper and education in general.

If you’d like to choose, please respond to this poll with your one preferred option.

You can choose to reject this outright. If you provide a response for “Other”, then other respondents can vote for that option as well.

Please take some time to respond here as well if you have questions, considerations, concerns, or other options for Pythia in this space, and once decided we will need the help of those who maintain this Discourse to make this happen. Thanks!


My personal preference (just one opinion) would be to keep #education. New arrivals on the forum won’t necessarily know what Pythia is, but everyone understands “education.” But my opinion should not override whatever the community wants here.

:+1: Happy to help as one of the forum admins.


Hi there,

I recently dived a bit into Project Pythia, and I was really wondering why there was so few discussions about it here in this Forum, so big :+1: for me to make this real one way or the other.

An alternative, or maybe more precise #3 option, would be to create a Project Pythia subcategory into education. I’m not saying this would be the best choice, but I’m not sure if this is reflected by your options above.

I like this option as well and will edit my post to include it. Thanks!

Some balance of Options #1 and #3 makes the most sense to me! Agreed that everyone knows what “Education” is, and clarity is a good thing. I think it would be useful tweak the headers for #Education to point more people toward Pythia stuff as @dcamron described under option #1. But there’s also room for a sub-category of #Education called #Project Pythia for targeted discussion about Pythia-branded resources.


Based on responses to the poll, at our Monday 09/26 Pythia meeting I plan to propose creating a #Project Pythia subcategory within #Education and moving forward. If you want to have input here please respond to this post and/or vote in the poll before then. Thanks for the discussions all!

Alright! @rabernat are you able to help us move this forward? We’re on board with creating a new #Project Pythia subcategory within #Education. Thanks!

I will edit the OP to wrap up this process.

Ok, done! Feel free to start posting in #education:project-pythia

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