New Working Group for Distributed Array Computing

I can meet 1-2pm EST today!

No meeting today, but tomorrow at 2pm EDT will be meeting with @Gil_Vernik and @rsignell to talk about Lithops for serverless workloads! link

I’ll be on zoom today at 2pm EST

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I cannot make this today unfortunately!

Let’s do this meeting again on Monday at 2pm EST, using this zoom link.

Also I would like to re-arrange / re-invigorate this meeting given the activity in What’s Next? - Software - Massive Scale and also interest from new groups. Anyone interested can you please fill out this when2meet, with the understanding that we will continue the bi-weekly format.

To be clear we are still interested in any of dask / cubed / arkouda / ramba / xarray-beam / etc. + any issues that affect multiple of these, such as shared benchmarks, query optimization, and IO (see this comment). Everyone welcome!


Thanks everyone for filling that out! So turns out that the best time for everyone is still 1pm EST on Mondays, just now with new people!

I’ll start the meeting again today, continuing bi-weekly (starting today despite the short notice as I’m away next week), so will be chilling on this same zoom link at 1pm today.

cc @dcherian @tomwhite @saulshanabrook @jack_kelly @keewis

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Hey Tom, thanks for setting this up! I look forward to joining on the 22nd.

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Hi Tom! Thank you so much for the invitation. Looking forward to being there on Monday!

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@TomNicholas is there a calendar event for this, or can we just expect people to be on that Zoom every two weeks starting 1PM EST on Monday, Feb 5?

Hi @chase - yes you can expect people to be on that Zoom every two weeks, but you can also use this calendar event as a reminder :slight_smile:

Meeting today at 1pm EST! @tomwhite will talk about using Memray with Cubed to visualize task memory usage patterns.


Hi @TomNicholas, are these meetings open for just listening? I’m interested in learning more about memray/cubed but don’t have time to actually contribute to the working group.

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@maxrjones of course! No pressure to contribute in any way other than by your presence :slight_smile:


Meeting today! Though I might have to dip off after 45 minutes.

New blog post on cubed from @tomwhite: