New Working Group for Distributed Array Computing

Okay let’s restart this today at 1pm EST!

I’ll give a little overview on “What’s needed for a full end-to-end workflow with cubed/Ramba”, talking about a couple of in-progress PRs to xarray, and numpy API standards.

@Todd_Anderson if you can make it that would be great because this should hopefully be useful to you. (Xarray devs will probably already know the things I’m going to say.)

@rabernat I think we need a new pangeo calendar event for this meeting? We can keep using the same zoom link and notes from before though presumably.

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@Todd_Anderson here’s my presentation from today, which contains various links to relevant issues and so on.

We have a preliminary discussion topic for next time (in 2 weeks, so 6th Feb), which is “Testing frameworks for wrapped parallel computing libraries integrated with xarray”. I’ll talk about the work / ideas that Justus and I had around that.

But if anyone else has something they want to show us we can do that instead!

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